July 24, 2014

July 23, 2014

kcw day two

Day two and the superhero theme continues.
This time with Captain America. He's really not my cup of tea but Mae loves him. Maybe it's the shield?! I'm not exactly sure.

June 10, 2014

baby blog tour

I got the pleasure of testing the Ainsley & Aiden Baby Suite I patterns and what a treat it was. Not only are the patterns versatile but I got to sew for this boy. As the youngest boy of three he has hand-me-downs for days but its fun to sew something brand new. I went the route of creating basics that will mix and match but you could also create some unique pieces with this pattern set. 

My favorite? The bodysuit!  The length is perfect, the snap area long enough to cover even a cloth diaper bum, and the envelope neck is a great place to add fun detail. I've made a few different bodysuit patterns in the past but this one was right in many ways. The instructions are clear and include the option to use a regular sewing machine over a serger. The sizing was spot on and covers the entire baby range (premie-12M).  The way that Kim finishes the binding is genius, which reduces bulk but still produces a professional outcome.  Raleigh has worn this orange one I made for him more than anything else in the last weeks. 

The pattern set is well written and one that I will use many times over. 
Have even made a couple more tees already that I hope to blog soon.
Can't thank Kim enough for allowing me to test.

Head over to Stitchwerx to get yours today!

June 9, 2014

life as we know it


Is it really already June?!
I have slowly been picking up sewing again.
Project Run & Play did me in for awhile :)
I've been reading, knitting, cooking, and lots of hanging out with these three.

And oh yes, even some sewing for myself!
Hoping to be back here more often.

February 10, 2014

thank you

When I was asked to participate in Project Run and Play I was so shocked.
I just wanted to make it past week one....four weeks later and I made it through the finale.
So thank you for your support, your comments, your willingness to go through this journey with me.

The one thing I told myself prior to starting this season was I wanted to challenge myself.
I wanted this to be a learning experience for me. Yes I had some sewing skills coming in but I was making lots of shirts and pants for my boys, because that is what they wear everyday. This was my chance to push myself to do more.
Week one was maybe the biggest challenge of all. Working with a fabric I knew nothing about and taking on a project that was way over my skill. But after multiple hours I learned so many new things from just making this one jacket.

Week two was a whole different story. A look for a girl. Not only did finding a model turn out to be an interesting project, but its just so different to embellish an outfit with girly touches. This is something I rarely do since I have three boys but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Plus I am hoping to copycat a few of these pieces for myself.

Week three was my element- refashioning. To push myself this week I worked with some different techniques. Welt pockets, drafting from measurements, dying a colored fabric, and of course adding a crochet element. There were many points this week where I had to make it work because of the new skills I was working with but apparently it came together because I won this week....wow!

The finale.
This week I worked with some wovens for a challenge. My fabric of choice is definitely knit because of the comfort factor for my boys. But I stepped out on a limb and chose some wovens and dove in. Definitely different than knits- at one point when hemming Case's pants I was wishing I hadn't chosen a woven but I figured it out.

What can I say after finishing it all?
I loved the chance to participate. I loved how my community stepped up and made it apparent that they love and support my work. This wouldn't have happened without a few people. My husband who rallied not only for support but also stepped up to take our boys for hours on end. My good friend Kara who walked with me step by step and was honest when things were not looking good. And each and every one of you who took the time to vote and get me through all four weeks.
So thank you.
I am unsure what direction I will go next. Will for sure keep sewing for my boys and hoping to sew more for myself. (Suggestions on good women's patterns?!)

But should probably clean up the mess that I created the last four weeks....oh...my.